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Security Products

Today business competition is very stiff. Businesses rely more heavily on IT to give them an edges to compete. Network security technologies are becoming increasingly vital in preventing corruption and intrusion, and eliminating network security vulnerabilities. Without the industrial security measures, an organization could experience major security breaches, resulting in serious damages or loss. EBS offers the following business security solutions:

Network Security

IT security has to be viewed from a holistic approach. There are three major areas, which have to be secured. They are network nodes, network transport and network gateway.

  • Solutions : Firewall, NAC, IDS, IPS, VPN
  • Partners  : Fortigate, Juniper, Cisco, Sonicwall, Trend Micro

Anti Virus

Virus is an very true threat to business. Commonly virus includes worm, Trojan, rootkit, malware, adware and spyware. EBS helps customer to stay ahead of virus attack with solutions to provide early warning signs and cure. This strategy minimize down time and losses.

  • Solutions : Anti Virus
  • Partners  : Trend Micro, Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee

Networking System

Local Area Network / Wide Area Network

Local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network covering a small physical area, like an office, factory or campus. Ethernet over twisted pair cabling and fiber optic cable are the most common technologies in use currently.

Wide Area Network (WAN) is a computer network that covers a broad area, which is an extension of LAN. EBS's LAN / WAN solutions helps businesses to streamline operations, reduce cost and increase efficiency. Today network has become the fundamental collaboration platform for most enterprises, which also enable many other beautiful enterprise solutions like ERP, CRM, E-Commerce, E-learning and VOIP.

  • Solutions : Layer-2 and Layer-3 Switches, Router, UTP Cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Partners  : HP, Fortinet, Cisco, Dintek, AMP, Dell

Wireless Local Area Network

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) links devices via a wireless distribution method. WLAN also provides connection to link buildings without the limitation of cables. EBS provides a wide range of WLAN solutions that give enterprises flexibility and agility.

  • Solutions : Indoor Access Point, Outdoor Access Point
  • Partners  : Cisco, Ubiquiti Networks, Ruckus Wireless, Aruba

Unified Communication

The ways we communicate continue to proliferate, from voice, data to video. EBS provides a wide portfolio of consulting, integration, implementation and maintenance services to build unified business communication solutions that will bring greater connectivity and efficiency to your business. 

Today modern businesses are seeking cost-effective alternatives to legacy voice services and options for improved feature sets that allow them to grow revenue and gain market share. We make it easy for your business to connect, communicate and collaborate through your preferred devices with reduced costs and increase operational flexibility. Whether you communicate from a traditional PBX or video chat, we have the expertise to provide communication solutions which improve your company productivity.

IP Phone System

A IP phone or VoIP phone uses Voice over IP technologies for transmitting telephone calls over an IP network, such as LAN and the Internet, instead of the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). VoIP has a leg-up on PSTN in many areas, such as scalability, cost and special feature availability.

There are some features that are available on traditional PSTN for an extra cost. These include music on hold, conferencing, call log and call recording. These are available on the new VOIP for no charge. Remote extensions are a standard feature with VOIP. Such extensions for branch offices and teleworkers (PABX extensions) are expensive with PSTN and for every remote extension additional dedicated lines are needed.

  • Solutions : VOIP, SIP
  • Partners  : Xorcom, GrandStream, Yealink, Yeastar

Messaging and Collaboration

Messaging and Collaboration have become a core part of business operation. Email is the most important business communication tool today because of its instantaneous efficiency and effectiveness. Email users are able to access information from a computer, phone or PDA nearly anywhere. EBS has the answer to the great challenges of your company messaging requirement.

Microsoft Exchange is an email and calendaring application that runs on Windows platform. Microsoft Exchange provides you a unified messaging platform of scalability and high availability, which also integrates many handy tools into its core functions like Centralized Address List and built-in monitoring.

  • Solutions : Microsoft Exchange, Cloud Email, hMail
  • Partners  : Microsoft, Office 365, Mdaemon, hMail

Video Conferencing

In Today's world coping with Job pressure is really tough. Anyone who's held down a full-time job knows that an average work day is not always long enough to get everything you need to do done. In an ideal world, we would meet face to face for all of our meetings. But who has time for nonstop travel? Instead of trying to bring everybody into one conference room, video conferencing brings the conference room to them, regardless of where they work.

  • Solutions : Multi-point Video Conferencing, Cloud Conferencing
  • Partners  : Polycom, Lifesize, Logitech, Microsoft Skype

Systems & Data Storage

Today businesses face significant obstacles in their attempt to discover more cost-effective, scalable ways to deal with the increasing complexity of enterprise business applications and their associated LAN and storage environments. Server technology is redesigned and innovated in ways that can reduce management complexity, increase IT utilization, and improve the total cost of ownership (TCO). EBS experience and expertise can help your organization to plan and design a server solution that suits your business requirements.

  • Solutions : Server, SAN, NAS, Virtualization
  • Partners  : HP, Lenovo, Dell, Synology, VMware, Microsoft

IP Surveillance System

Secure and improve your business with our end-to-end CCTV solution. We provide a complete range of solutions, whether you need a smart system for basic surveillance or a more advanced system for security on a larger scale.

All of our solution can be deployed quickly, and everything is designed with open IP standards that easily connect with your existing IT infrastructure.

With our smart solutions, you can secure and develop your business – both now and in the future.

  • Solutions : IP CCTV, Analog CCTV, DVR, POE
  • Partners  : Samsung, Impaq, AVtech, HIK, Dintek, Beldon