Building a Stronger Future

EBS Web CRM is our customer relationship management (CRM) business strategy that drives sales productivity, marketing effectiveness and operation efficiency. Our CRM solution serves your current customer and nurture the future customers too.

Sell Efficiently

Today your customer is very informative than ever before because of Internet. 
Customers have choices. Our sales person must be well-equipped with tools to take on more. Sales manager must be sharp and decisive to lead the team. With EBS CRM, we help you to visualize and strive in the new customer journey.

Market Accurately

Today market conditions and terrain change rapidly. Businesses manipulate and flood the market with information. Most customers are suffering from information overwhelm.
 EBS CRM enable marketer to engage and walk customers through a new amazing journey, while tracking the return of your campaign across traditional and digital channels, which include email, mobile and web.

Service Confidently

Customer expects personal touch, close follow up, fast and precise solution. Improve customer satisfactory by 60%.
Build customer loyalty.
Cultivate your future customer.
Anywhere with Cloud